Digital Solution Development

e-Scape Technologies delivers Digital Solutions Development services through Software Development, Software and Application Testing, Data Analysis, IT Management Services, and Technical Support. Some of our Digital Solutions include;

Mhino: Revolutionising Access to Healthcare through Digital Solutions

Mhino offers a groundbreaking Digital healthcare solution that seeks to democratize access to healthcare for the informal sector. MHINO provides seamless access to medical services for just N7,500 per year for the Basic Plan and N15,000 for the Basic Plus plan. This ensures affordable and accessible quality healthcare for Africans.

Airtime Exchange: Pioneering Mobile Payment Solutions in Africa

Airtime Exchange is an innovative mobile payment solution developed under patents awarded by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This solution aims to transform the mobile payment landscape in Nigeria and across Africa.


Airtime Exchange is set to revolutionize mobile payments in Nigeria and Africa, offering a secure, accessible, and user-friendly platform. It addresses financial challenges and paves the way for a more inclusive and empowered future.