Government Digital Transformation

Typical government Service delivery is manual, slow, tedious, and riddled with bottlenecks. e-Scape delivers digital transformation services which involves using technology to improve public services and create a better overall experience for citizens and businesses engaging with government. Our goal for digital transformation in government is to create a more transparent, efficient, and responsive public sector that meets the evolving needs of citizens. Our core services include;

  • Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR): To implement a Digital Transformation Strategy, organizational business processes have to be improved and optimized targeting improvements in cycle times, quality and an enhanced user experience.
  • Government Digital Transformation Roadmap: The journey from Analogue to Digital isn’t a straight line and a Digital Transformation Roadmap is what will help to navigate this complex process.
  • Digital Government Project Planning: Once the Digital Government initiatives are selected, you will require careful project planning and sequencing to ensure that policy, strategy, and implementation meet at the right point to deliver value.
  • Government Enterprise Architecture: e-Scape helps Government implement management best practice for aligning business and technology resources to achieve strategic outcomes, improve organizational performance and guide governments to better execute their core mandate.